Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My daughter at 22

Katherine had her 22nd birthday last week. Here she is with 2 of her gifts--a book about the Long Island Rail Road and a book called "Weird New York. " Katherine is really into the history of Long Island and NYC. I also gave her the blue box next to her and a set of flannel sheets for her bed with a sock monkey design all over. She likes monkeys. She also got a Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits CD--I'll have to borrow that one. My youngest saw the CD and asked if "Thriller" was a good song. He was born in 1990, way past the "Thriller" era, LOL! Katherine manages the floral department of a store. Her arrangements are amazing--she even does weddings. She hopes to be a cop someday and is finishing off classes in Criminal Justice. As for me...I can't believe I have 3 kids in their 20s now!


Jan B said...

This post brought back memories from over 20 years ago of being at the enlisted club on base with my first husband who was in the Marines. The song Thriller was playing and he got up and did karate moves to the song. Oh, it was so embarrassing. I cringed then and I had to cringe (and laugh) just remembering it. Boy, time flies, doesn't it?

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one! As I recall 22 was a lot of fun :)