Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Great Contest Link!

It's time for Bloggy Giveaways I guess you could say this is a link to a lot of links!

Over 800, actually! That's 800+ generous bloggers giving away FREE prizes!

I'm entering just about every one that offers either aprons or fabric, plus a few others. Head on over and see what you like...and let me know if you win anything, okay?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Same Day, Different Meme!

I've been tagged by Ginnyberry at Blackberry Blessings! Between this post and the previous one, you might find out more about me than you ever wanted to know.

What are 5 things on your to-do list for today?

1. Take my son to work--his second day of his first job! (Done)
2. Garage Sale Hop (Done)
3. Put chicken I cut up and cleaned in freezer (Done)
4. Bind neckline of sweater I'm making for fall (a sewing project, not crochet or knit)
5. General puttering...the house was clean for company yesterday so there isn't much to do there.

What are 5 snacks you enjoy?

1. Cheetohs
2. Nuts
3. Ice Cream
4. A big, soft pretzel
5. Coffee cake and coffee

What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?

1. Pay off my debts.
2. Secure my kids and my future grandkids' financial futures
3. Invest in something
4. Buy a big piece of land with a pretty little house on it
5. Make sure my mom and my aunt have the best care for the rest of their lives

What are 5 of your bad habits?

1. Biting my nails
2. Worrying about things over which I have NO control
3. Trying to multi-task too much
4. Letting stupid or mean people get to me
5. Blog hopping too much--I can quit any time. Really, I can! (I just don't want to.)

Where are 5 places you have lived?

1. Floral Park, New York
2. Greenlawn, New York
3. Where I lived here on Long Island 25 years ago
4. Where I lived here on Long Island 16 years ago
5. Where I live now...3, 4 and 5 are the same town. 3 and 4 were next door to each other!

What are 5 jobs you've had?

1. Playground assistant (we called ourselves "Parkies").
2. Trade magazine editor
3. Cashier
4. Author
5. Currently, I'm the office manager/receptionist/secretary for a pediatrician.

I think I might have lost a few of these questions, but this is enough. I tag anyone who wants to play!

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Meme From Rabbit Run Cottage

Susie Q over at Rabbit Run cottage did a favorite things meme, so I thought I'd play along, too!

~Susie Q's "My Favorite Things" Game~
Sport: Skating, if I have to choose something.
Game: Scrabble
Color: Red
Movie: Depends on the category, so I'll pick a horror film: "The Shining" (Kubrick's version)
Broadway play I have seen: Can't think of one

Broadway Musical I have seen: Forty-second Street
Song: "My Funny Valentine" as Ella Fitzgerald sings it
American city I have visited: Chicago

Foreign city I have visited: Paris
Book: To Kill A Mockingbird (Me, too, Susie!)
Children's Book: Make Way For Ducklings

Classic television show: Green Acres still cracks me up
Recent television show: Law and Order: Criminal Intent
Actor: Vincent D'Onofrio
Actress: Don't have one
Perfume: Something from Victoria's Secret my husband gave me...I think it's called "Victoria"
Food; Lobster
Dessert: ice cream
Chain Restaurant: Can't think of one
Local Restaurant: Catfish Annie's
Car: I've always wanted a Mercedes
Condiment: Mayonnaise
Kitchen Appliance: Kitchenaid Stand Mixer
Home Appliance: air conditioner
Beauty Product: Mascara
Piece of clothing: Jeans
HGTV Show: Mission: Organization
Food Network show: Alton Brown's "Good Eats"
Author: Stephen King
Male Songwriter: Don't know
Female Songwriter: Don't know
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Ballet I have seen: The Nutcracker Suite
Disney character: Eeyore (me, too!)
Flower: Red Rose
Alcoholic drink: Whiskey Sour
Non-Alcoholic drink: Coffee
Magazine: Martha Stewart Living
Animated movie: Mulan
Television network miniseries: "The Stand"
Season: Autumn
Male vocalist: Nat King Cole
Female vocalist: Ella Fitzgerald
Day of the week: Friday Household Chore: I don't have one
Ice Cream: Butter Pecan
Candy: Lindt Chocolate
Artist: Renoir
Quotation: I don't have one

Here's the link to Susie Q's blog if you'd like to play, too!

Sew Crafty Friday and Thrifty Stuff

It's Sew Crafty Friday at Shereen's blog again... I don't have much to donate. This is a blouse I'm working on for the fall. I made this pattern twice before with short sleeves, but found I didn't like the neckline. I don't like things that poke me in the neck. So I made a slight V-neck instead and will leave off the collar. I might put a placket down the front, like a dress shirt, and some braided trim around the neckline. Not sure what color buttons I'll use, but I'm aiming towards black.

My thrifty buys are from the trip to PA. There's a cute spice rack I got for a dollar--probably because two corks are missing. I have put my 'baking spices' in it. I liked the roosters!

In the second pic : an old Mason jar full of buttons. I've gone through them (button collections are like ball pits for grownups, I think) and there are some really nice ones--even enough of some to actually use on a garment.

The pattern is for a little girl's dress. No copyright date but it's definitely 50s. They really knew the right way to dress a little girl back then--I love a full skirt and a sash!
There's a pink and white crocheted trivet. It is twisted with a kind of pleat and is very dimensional.
I'm not sure if the thing underneath is a napkin. The crocheted edging makes me think otherwise. There were 3 to the package. I just like the rainbow edge!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Let's get this bus rolling!

Time to get back to our B.L.O.G. (ging) in the USA trip!

Our first stop is West Virginia, where we meet Stephanie. "Stop the Ride" is the home of the blogging carnival "Make It From Scratch." The site has great recipes and frugal tips! Look around and then meet me at the Cyberbus.

Next, we head to Virginia. We're going to spend a bit of time here, as I have 3 blogs to tell you about!

First is called "Nana's Toybox." My friend from Pennsylvania told me about this. She told me Cynthia is a very nice person with a great family. She also told me Cynthia is very talented, as you will see when you visit! Aren't those handmade dolls cute? The monster bag cracks me up.

After you get your daily dose of cuddly cute, let's drive over to "Butter and Sugar." Isn't that flamingo hanging a hoot? And those berry pies...oh, yum! That's just the dessert in this feast for the eyes of quilting, crochet, sewing and more!

Finally, we'll visit "Ten Ten Spot." Cute kids, chickens, nice pix and an adorable graduate named "Tubby." LOL, that's not a kid's name. Tubby's a dog and he just graduated from obedience school! How cute is he in his graduation cap? Still, I'm sure he won't mind removing it if you promise to scratch him behind his ears. Here's the link:

Hope you all had a good time on our cyber trip today!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Link to a giveaway!

I hope you all take a hop over to "Elizabeth's Simple Day," where you'll find a nice little giveaway if you scroll down a few posts. Elizabeth (and her darling doggie, Miss Candi) would very much like to see more people enter! She's a bit discouraged that there have been visitors, but only a few people have entered. C'mon, folks--everyone has a fair chance, and it's a cute prize package!

Oh, and while you're at it, look over her posts entitled "Simple Woman's Daybook." I love to read them, and even have a little 'real life' day book of my own--if I could just figure out where I put it.

Here's the link!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Quick 'Hi'

Thanks for all the well wishes for our trip!

We got back home last night. Let me tell you, crossing the George Washington Bridge (which crosses the Hudson River and gets you into the Bronx, I think--I'm not the driver) on a Sunday night is a BAD BAD BAD idea. There aren't many options to get you into New York from I-80, so you have a gazillion cars and trucks coming from several different directions, trying to get to points north and east. It was better than a half hour to get over the bridge, but at least that was the only glitch in traveling. I should know better, but I forgot when I made plans. I'll try to remember to come home Monday afternoon next time--ahead of rush hour, LOL!

We have something here called EZ Pass, which lets you go through tolls because it records your trip on a computer and sends you a bill later on. That really helps to speed things up. It's also a blessing that it's a company car, and we don't have to pay for gas! (They let Mike take it, btw--we don't just do it without asking.)

I had a nice time in Pennsylvania. It was great to see our friends and it was a very relaxing weekend. The baby is adorable (that's Abigail Rose with my son Nicky in the photo), and her sons are great kids. I tried taboulleh (sp?) and really liked it. My friend is a diabetic and must be careful what she eats, but she puts out something akin to a feast each night. There never seemed to be less than 10 people around the dinner table! (And she likes it that way.)

She gave me Amish Friendship Bread starter, so I'll see how I do with that.

Oh! And there's an antiques flea market down the block. I love to go there. The prices are about a fourth what I'd pay here in New York. I bought a cute vintage child's dress pattern, an old Mason jar full of buttons and some other vintage goodies. I don't generally spend a lot on old things, but this is my one time a year to splurge. Not that I splurged--I only spent $40. I'll try to post pictures, soon.

And we'll be continuing the USA trip soon, too! I lost my list, so I have to go back through my blog and see where I've already been.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm off to Pennsylvania

For real, not virtually! I'll continue the USA blog thingie when I get back. We're visiting friends for the weekend, so I won't be here for Sew Crafty Friday. Be sure to visit Shereen's blog to check out what's awesome this week. (See my sidebar.)
Have a wonderful weekend, all!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday

I've mentioned sewing dresses for my daughter's "Molly" (American Girl) doll. I decided to climb into the back of the attic and find her. Katherine's 23, so Molly has been an attic doll for quite a few years now. She was happy to get some sunshine. (Molly, not my daughter. I don't keep my daughter in an attic. That's where I kept my boys until they turned 18. JUST KIDDING!)

The second picture shows detail of the lace trim. Basically, you sew on the lace and then use very, very sharp scissors to remove fabric behind the lace.
BTW, before Molly went up into the attic, someone gave her a haircut. Poor girl--12 years in an attic with a lousy haircut...
To see wonderful creativity, please visit Shereen's blog for Sew Crafty Friday!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A little outfit I made

Here's a little outfit I made for my friend's grandchild. It is New Look 6719. I bought it from a clearance rack, so it might be discontinued. Anyway, I added a little embroidery around the flowers on the top and on the pants. The bag straps are attached with embroidery, too. The purse is from a pattern I got on Etsy at "So Spoiled." Here's the Etsy link: This is the "Versatile Bag" pattern. It is sized for an adult, so I scanned the printed pattern and reduced it to 70%. BTW, it's a really easy bag to sew and I can't wait to do a grownup version for myself! It really is you can see, I put a button on my version! Below is a closeup of the embroidery on the top:

Monday, July 07, 2008

A slow game of tag

I mean, reeeeallly slow. As in, Debbie J tagged me almost 2 weeks ago and I missed the post! Okay, here are my late answers...

Name 5 kind things I do for myself:

1. Have my coffee and whatever in bed in the morning and do my reading.
2. Or else I do my word puzzles. I love everything from cryptic crosswords to anagrams!
3. Sew and crochet things for myself. If I can ever find a pants pattern that fits, I'll make most of my clothes--except jeans.
4. Watch my favorite TV shows--"Law & Order: Criminal Intent" is at the top of the list.
5. Blog hop and find wonderful new blogs!

Name 5 kind things I do for my friends, children or spouse:

1. Pick up things from the grocery I know a particular kid (or husband) will like.

2. Bring my husband out cold drinks when he's doing yardwork on Saturday.

3. Sew for friend's grandchildren.

4. Pick up special shampoos and the like, especially for my daughter.

5. Make homemade pizza.

Name 5 kind things I do for strangers:

1. Well, they aren't exactly strangers, but I clip coupons (esp. diapers) for people to take at work.

2. Hold the door for who ever is coming behind me. (I do this, too.)

3. Let people 'cut in' on a busy road--only when it's safe, of course!

4. I am always nice to cashiers--been there, done that. I'm nice to wait staff, too!

5. I can't think of anything else. I don't get out much.

Name 5 hobbies:

1. Blog-hopping. Is that a hobby?

2. Sewing

3. Crochet

4. Cooking--so many recipes, so little time

5. Couponing--one of the few hobbies that pays back, big time!

I tag...anyone who wants to play!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Heading to America's Heartland...

...which seems appropriate right after the Fourth of July!

Today, our first stop is Iowa. There, we meet Joyce. I just discovered her wonderful blog while hopping around...via Lettie's blog. (See my sidebar for a link to Lettie's!) Isn't "Crafter Thoughts" a great name? Joyce also goes by "Sweetie Pie," and there sure is a lot of sweet 'eye candy' over there!

Now our magical bus heads a little bit south, into Missouri. You'll find DJ and her very patriotic dog, Dixie, at Let's all wish DJ's mom a belated "Happy Birthday"! DJ's mom knows how to tat--that's make lace, for the record--which is something I would have loved to learn. I even had the shuttle once, but just got all discombobulated with it. Honestly, how many people do you know who can make lace?????

That's all today. These are the states for which I can't find a blog:

Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Jersey, Delaware, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Please, if you have a nice (non-political, not too adult) blog, lmk??? Pretty please? I keep coming across blogs that say things like "Midwest" or just "USA," which doesn't help much.

Meantime, I do have some other states to play in and I'll be back soon!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth of July, Everyone!

It's also Friday, time for "Sew Crafty Friday" over at Shereen's blog!

Here's the crafty, 'patriotic' thing I did this morning. Well, okay, I made the cupcakes yesterday. Everything is from mixes. I'm not really into scratch baking, although I'll do it sometimes. I just like Betty Crocker, LOL!
I took half of the icing and fluffed it up with my hand mixer, then I added some blue sugar to it. I couldn't find the food coloring. The sugar is part of a set I bought years ago at Williams-Sonoma. Pricey at the time, but since I've probably had it 8years or more, it worked out to be quite frugal. It actually dissolved a bit in the icing and made this pretty color.
So I iced half the cupcakes in plain white and the other half in blue. Then I used the star tip of a cake decorator and made stars...well, weird looking stars, anyway. I don't know how to keep them from peaking.
See the stripes? After Valentine's Day, I snatched up some Wilton supplies for really, really cheap. Just because the icing in a can of cake decorator icing was red, it was something like 75% off! This is something to always keep in mind after holidays--what can you use for another holiday? Red Christmas can be used for Valentine's, and Valentine's Red works for Fourth of July!

BTW, the cupcakes are vanilla and the wrappers (cups? what are those things called?) have flags on them!
Happy Fourth of July, all!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Wow, what a nice surprise!

I went out to get the mail and found a box on my front steps. This was a HUGE surprise, since it came from my 'Favorite Things Swap' partner. Why the surprise? Well, somehow the e-mail about her went into my spam file and then cyber oblivion. I never even knew I'd been paired up (my original e-mail to Kelly, the hostess, was lost)! Imagine having a crummy day where all you want to do is snooze, and finding this:

All kinds of packages wrapped in polka dot paper, tied with string! I opened these to find:

A great little "To Do" list, magnetized to put on my fridge. It's divided by days!

A wonderful little book titled "Look What Love Has Done"--subtitled "Five Minute Messages to Lift Your Spirit." Boy, do I need this today.

An awesome canvas shopping bag that says "Eco Chic" on it. I'm not very chic...but I try to be eco...this bag is going to get a lot of use!

The cutest stationary with a floral print, in a windowed box tied shut with cord.

And a cute box with daisies on it filled with...LINDT CHOCOLATES!!!! on earth did my wonderful partner, Jen, know how much I need good chocolate today???? What a mind reader! What a woman!

You have totally made my day, Jen. I'm sorry I didn't know about you, and will shop for you this weekend. Watch for your box next week! I hope I can make you smile as you've made me smile.

Our Virtual Plane is taking us to...

Louisiana! This is the home of Cheryl and her wonderful blog "Time-Really-Does-Fly." She has some beautiful sewing projects to show off...and amazing smocking! I wish I could figure out how to's just so 'girly.' Take a peek: And after we're done admiring Cheryl's lovely work, our next stop is...

Texas! I love the crochet over at Patti's..., especially the cats!

Sorry, it's a short trip today. I'm tired and I won't bore you with my problems. It's more fun to blog hop than to mope...but I'm going to take a nap anyway.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Two States and a garage sale find

Before we continue on our virtual journey around the blogs of the USA, I just wanted to show you what I found at a garage sale the other day. It is a twin sized quilt, and only cost me $5! There are a few small tears, but nothing noticeable. It's definitely hand-quilted, but the piecework is done by machine. I don't know if it is homemade--I should have asked. But who cares, for five bucks? And it's really, really soft!

So, let's get going here. I printed out a USA Map so I can keep better track of where we've been. You know what? There is this big section of states right smack through the middle of the country for which I have no blogs! From Montana down to Arkansas...10 blogless states. Well, I'll keep on looking! Meantime, let's head to...

Michigan. At "Two Straight Lines" you'll find some wonderful projects, including kids' crafts Courtney does with her darling kiddies.

Now let's hop on a boat, and take a ride on Lake Superior over to Minnesota. The subtitle of Artsy Mama's blog is "Trails of Inspiration." So true! There's tons of eye candy here, especially for those of us who drool over vintage yumminess. I have to laugh...see the yellow flocked mannequin head? Well, years ago my father (who passed away in 1987) designed a machine to put flock on...mannequin heads! I think it was used by some company in the South, although I'm not sure. Anyhoo...for all I know that head was made in a machine my dad designed. What a small world, huh?

So that's it for today, folks! Hope you're all enjoying the ride.