Saturday, April 28, 2007

New Computer

I bought a new computer the other day. My last one, which I have had for about 4 years, completely died. No kidding...Windows said I had to reactivate it in X days or it would stop working.
Trouble have to be able to get on line to reactivate it, and I couldn't get on line.
But there were numerous other things wrong with it, so it was time to let it go to that great computer home in the sky.
I had saved a lot from my groceries and putting away a percentage of each of my meager paychecks so I had almost the right amount to buy this. But the best thing is that I got a check for back payment from a previous job at Petco, and it arrived the day before I went computer shopping! It was almost $700! Somehow, they owed me two paychecks from 3 years ago. Sometimes, cool things happen in life.

My computer is an HP Pavilion. It's totally cool. I don't have AOL yet, but I'll pick up one of those free discs and have my son reinstall it for me. I miss having a place to put "favorites."
I've also been systematically reinstalling my music and scrapbook programs, etc. So far, it's taken most everything. Except this is a Vista and it refused to work with my old printer! Glad it came with one, LOL!


Paula said...

Thanks for visiting! I noticed on your other site (creative Things) you said you found a site specifically for scrapbooking. What site? :) Are you a digital scrapper too? I could not tell. :) Also, I am glad you liked my page. You can see more by clicking Digital Scrapbooking on my blog (which only has a handful) OR you can goto my online scrapbook (which has MUCH MUCH more) at or my other one that I am moving to at DSAG. (btw - i think it is so cool you made Shreen a WFME!!!!)

Maggie said...

My laptop is a hp pavilion and I have been very happy with it. It seems computer really dont last long enough do they? We have to many because we have upgraded every few years but the other ones are good enough to keep around but to frustrating to use daily. I really need to get rid of the old ones.