Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kitchen Tip Tuesday: electric knife

Do you have an electric knife? If you do, chances are it sits in a drawer forgotten most of the year. Well, it can be useful for more than carving roasts or turkeys! Use it to prep raw meat, too.

Today, I got a *BOGO deal on top round. This is what we usually put in the pasta sauce my husband makes on Sundays. Life is a lot easier when the meat is already cut up and ready to go.

So, today I took out my electric carving knife and went to work on two nice steaks. I was able to trim them and cut them into bite-sized pieces in half the time it would take for a regular knife. The pieces went into labelled bags and are now in the freezer. Four Sunday's worth of beef for sauce in less than 20 minutes! (BTW, we also add sausage and sometimes meatballs or brasciole. My husband makes a gooooood sauce.)

Hey, speaking of BOGO: whenever you have a deal like that where the items have various prices, be sure to match up the prices as closely as possible for the maximum savings. Remember, they always discount the lowest price, so you want that low price to be as close to the high price as possible.

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UnfinishedMom said...

I'm curious. Have you ever tried it to cut up raw chicken pieces - like cutting chicken leg quarters apart?

Summer said...

I love my electric knife, but I have somehow managed to lose the knife blades. I have no idea where they could be :(


Debbie J. said...

I have an electric knife but seldom use it. I should get into the habit of using it more.

Your onion rings in the previous post sound wonderful!

Anonymous said...