Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm still here

Just haven't felt like blogging. Nick got his cast off today. The doctor says his x-ray looks 'superb.' While we were waiting, Nick started a conversation with me on grammar mistakes people make--like mixing effect and affect, or it's and its. Being a writer, it was fun to be able to help him. But I honestly couldn't give him an example of irony! I'll have to look that up myself. Update on cookies: I made the rolled cookie dough, rolled it out, and it's in bags in the freezer all flat and ready to go. Last night I made my spritz cookies--about 7 dozen. Some for the freezer for Christmas eve, and some to enjoy now. I'm bringing a small box of them to my boss. She's a doctor who runs between two offices--I doubt she has much time to bake! I also made and froze cranberry meatballs for Christmas eve. I'll make the sauce the day or so before. It's a tradition to have those as an appetizer. I'll have to be sure to print out recipes next time I feel like blogging--which I hope won't be too long!


Judy said...

I agree... I hope it won't be too long before you blog again either! I miss you!! So glad to hear Nick's cast is off and all went well with the healing. I am kind of bad with grammer. Gulp. In case you might have noticed. LOL I'd love your meatball and sauce recipe if you feel like giving it up. Wish I could come by and bake cookies with you. In all my 33 years of marriage, I never mastered the art of cookies. I'll be buying ours this year. Hugs ~

Mom2fur said...

That's okay, Judy--I can't make a pie crust to save my life. And I only recently learned the trick to making yummy gravy!
Next time I blog, I'll post recipes!
And your grammar is fine. I don't always play 'editor' when I read blogs, LOL!