Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm still here

I've just been busy. Monday (the 25th) was my birthday. We went out for dinner on Sunday to a favorite restaurant. I got the twin lobster dinner. Lobster is my favorite, and for $25 (with soup, potato and vegetable) you can't beat it. But next time, I have to try the King Kong Shrimp. My husband got them--parmigiana style, and practically as big as lobster tails.

My two older kids were with us. The younger boys couldn't get out of work.

For the day of my birthday, we ordered takeout Chinese--my favorite! I got a gorgeous philenopsis plant (I'm sure I did not spell that correctly), money, chocolate and a gift card to put towards a Wii. Mike asked if I minded if he held off on my gift. Between Nick's tuition, property tax and $2,000 for a new fuel pump (and other stuff) for my stupid car, that was enough to spend in January. Nobody's got the Wii in stock, anyway, so I just said it would be something to look forward to.

I hope everyone's having a good year so far!


~Molly~ said...

Happy Birthday!!! Mine was the 10th, love having a January b-day. Your dinner sounded divine! My hubby is allergic to shellfish so I don't get it often. Our January was tight too with doctor visits and other junk so I'm waiting on my gift(a cd player for the bedroom). Should be a paycheck soon that has some extra... I hope,lol!


Debbie J said...

Happy, happy birthday!!! Your meal sounds really good. Don't you wish we could do sew crafty fridays again? I miss that.


Nanci said...

Happy Birthday!

It sounds like you had a lovely evening. Since seafood is my favorite, I'm sitting here salivating.