Monday, February 01, 2010

Frugal Holiday Idea

I love after-holiday clearances. Not only do you get great buys, but sometimes you can make those clearance items do double-duty. For instance, red things from Christmas can sometimes be used for Valentine's Day and even Fourth of July.
CVS had M&Ms and Hershey's Kisses on sale for 90% off a few weeks ago. That worked out to about 20 cents a bag! I sorted them out and here is what I put out for Valentine's month. (I don't really expect the candy to last until the 14th, LOL!) The ice cream sundae dishes cost me about a quarter each at the local Salvation Army Thrift store.
I think I might tie some red ribbons around the stems.
Obviously, I'll be using the green candy for St. Patrick's Day!
Now, it's too late if you didn't get candy after Christmas. But look at the Valentine's candy after the 14th. I would be you'll find plenty of pink goodies--which can either be used for Easter or Mom's Day or even for a little girls' party's goodie bags!


Debbie J said...

Those are really great ideas! I buy solid red Christmas paper to be used all year long. I also like to buy gift sets (lotion, soap, etc.) after Christmas. They are great gifts all year long.

~Molly~ said...

Man I wish I had some thrift store money right now!! Those glasses are beautiful! Great idea about the sale stuff from holidays, can't wait to hit our local stores after Valentine's Day(which we don't really do much for anyway).


Leslie said...

Great idea! I've never thought about anything like this until this past Christmas and it makes so much sense.

p.s. Thanks for commenting on my Frugal Friday blog post. I love your comment about saving gas, too - so true!