Friday, June 25, 2010

Mike's birthday and thrifting

My wonderful husband, Mike, is 56 years old today. We went out to breakfast this morning. I'm not sure what we're doing for dinner. We usually go out on Friday, mostly the Taco Bell or diner route. I offered to make him burgers, but we'll see what he wants to do.

Meantime, on a totally different topic, I've been thinking of some new clothes for fall. I want to work around green, maroon (or burgundy) and beige. I can make the tops and I even have a green jacket that is almost finished. But I don't like making pants--they never fit right for all that work--so I thought I'd just check Macy's and Sears on line to see what was in style. I also looked at some tops for the heck of it.

Well, pants are pants. I'm pretty conservative so I'd only go for regular-looking ones, not anything with fancy embroidery or cut outs or bling. One thing I prefer is a wider waistband. It sits more comfortably against my stomach, which is hyper sensitive. (I hate elastic, btw.) So there wasn't much that was interesting.

But the tops annoyed me. I'm sorry...$40 for a t-shirt? Just 'cause it has a little bit of ruffling? You're joking, right? I don't care who's name is on it, it's a blasted t-shirt!

Anyhoo, I had about five more bags of 'stuff' to get rid of, so I headed back to the trusty thrift store today. I don't usually have much luck with clothes (most of it is either too shrunken or faded) but today I decided to plow the racks. I found 4 tops that cost me less than $12 for all of them! 2 are tanks, one is a fabric of woven cotton, striped, with three buttons down the front and a collar, and the last one is a peasant blouse in knit. The peasant blouse may end up being a PJ top, but that's okay because I need one for summer.

So here I'm posting again with no pictures. Boring! I have a way now to get my pictures on the computer from the camera, and I have a cute "One-Yard Wonder" project to show off. Next post, I promise!

If you read this far, thank you! I tend to talk too much!

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Holly said...

yay for thrifting! Great deals, and I's crazy what the stores charge for things. I can't even bring myself t pay $10 for one item of clothing, knowing I can probably find the same thing at the thrift store for a buck!