Friday, July 02, 2010

Do you ever yell at the TV?

I do! It used to drive my oldest son nuts. (Mom, who are you talking to?!)

I did it this morning. I was watching one of those Good Morning, America type shows. Actually, I was playing secretary and waiting for an important call for my husband. (He was outside doing some kind of garage cleaning.)

Okay, so they have one of those 'how to cook cheap meat so it is tender' features. Nice idea. We've all done it--all of us frugal domesticas, anyway.

He starts with a rump roast (my favorite roast, btw) and compares it to, I don't know, a filet mignon? So what was I yelling about? The price comparison was 9.99 for the rumper and 25.99 for the filet! I can get the filet's price, but...

...what idiot pays 9.99 a pound for rump roast? Even at full price? And especially when it goes on sale for about 2.99 a pound often enough!

And even worse? How about 12.99 for London Broil? Duh! Is it just New York City prices? They don't have sales?

I used to be lucky enough to get London Broil (aka Top Round around these parts) for 1.99. Now I'm happy if it's under $3 a pound. But I wouldn't pay those other prices for anything, not even lobster!

Okay, enough yelling. I just get befuddled at stuff like this. Hope you all have a safe and happy Four of July weekend!

BTW, just for the record? Filet Mignon may be the most tender meat you can buy, but it also has probably the least flavor. That's why they always wrap bacon around it in restaurants! I would never pay for it, even for a special occasion. Our meat of choice? Boneless sirloin. I bought some for just 2.99 a pound this week and it is goooooood.


Tracey said...

Don't know about the TV, but I definitely talk back to the radio! Just makes me feel better to share my opinion!

I'm with you - crazy prices!!

lisa said...

I was cracking up because I yell at the TV to..If I paid that much for a rump roast it better be really really huge...Have a great and safe weekend..Lisa

Nikki said...

I rarely yell at the TV. But that would have me yelling.

And side note, we used to LOVE rump roast. But I've been converted to chuck roast-- at least for my mom's roast beef recipe that she got from her mom. It's so much more tender and flavorful.

Jill McDowell said...


Thanks for dropping by Calico Petals.
I hope you enjoyed a happy 4th!
Have a great week.

Jill 00

Florence and Mary said...

I don't yell at the tv very often but my dad on the other... he answers questions out loud on game shows... shouts and screams at football and argues with politians at question time... sometimes he can be more entertaining than whats being shown on tv!

Victoria x