Saturday, April 15, 2006

Coloring Eggs

We always used to use those little pointed bottles of food coloring when we were kids to dye eggs. I don't recall my mother ever buying the boxed egg color kits. I've done it off and on. I like to use paste food coloring (left over from cake decorating). This year I bought a box of egg color from Big Lots for some nominal amount of money. I figured I was taking my chances because it seemed like last year's lot. Well, I'm amazed. The colors, especially the blue, are gorgeous! I'll have to be sure to buy end-of-the-season dyes for next year.
My youngest son and I colored eggs tonight. My daughter and her boyfriend will color some when they get home. She's off having a drink or two (yes, she's legal) after a long, hard day at work. She manages her floral department in a big grocery store. One girl quit on her. Two girls called in sick, although one girl did come in yesterday and try to help. She really was sick. So my daughter was running the show pretty much by herself today, the day before a big holiday. I think she's entitled to a little pick me up. If she's not up to coloring eggs, I'll finish them off.
I'm glad I bought the kit. For some reason, my paste food coloring is all dried out. I guess that eventually happens to it, and it is old. Since I don't do much cake decorating, I doubt I'll replace it.

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