Friday, May 11, 2007


Like just about everyone else in America, I'm trying to pay down a debt. I'm not a frivilous person. Suffice to say a combination of being naive and medical problems got me in this situation. I'm much smarter now and it's going away...slowly, but steadily. There are times I get discouraged and I think I'm never going to be able to just enjoy life without worrying about paying the next bill.
I know I have abundance in the non-material things (although I wish I could say I felt great or even very good each day--tough to do with chronic pain), but that's not what this post is about. This post is about material abundance. Compared to a lot of people and places, most of us (even those in heavy duty debt) are wealthy. I was reminded of this while cleaning my pantry. Actually, it was meant to be a linen closet, LOL. What you see in the picture is just one shelf's worth. And I had to put some of it on the table and on the other counter. 98% of this stuff was bought really cheap, using coupons combined with sales. Well, if anything came of dealing with's sure made me learn how to get the most for my money, LOL!


Stephanie said...

We do have so much. We are incredibly blessed, yet take so much for granted. Good post!

a suburban housewife said...

I feel your pain, sista!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

We are a country of abundance. The stuff in your photo would feed a family of four in some parts of the world for a week or more. Hang in there; that debt will ge gone one day soon.

Scribbit said...

I was just writing about that very subject.

ANd pass the Ritz please.

The Feathered Nest said...

Yep, compared to so many other countries, we are all blessed. Even those that would consider themselves poor have more than the "poor" of other countries.

Do you get "the Dollar Stretcher" newsletter - it's really good and they have a great website. If you don't I just got a edition I can forward to you.


Leigh Ann said...

Great post.

Thanks for stopping by the pink kitchen.

Cheers! LA

Susie Q said...

I am so with you on this...I am doing the same as you. I have far more than most in most in the world. Sadly, we as Americans have been programed to always want bigger and better. Bigger and better is not the best thing and it just costs more! : )
I took awhile to get this because so many people around me long ago.
Hang in there and know there are many of us with you!

I really enjoy your blog and and bookmarking it! I have been here an hour and just had such fun!

Stay well...have a sweet Wednesday!