Friday, May 18, 2007

Organizing sewing projects

One of my 'to do' things today was to organize and list all my sewing projects. I have a friend who absolutely won't start something until she finishes something else. Not me. I have lots of 'works in progress.' Well, not lots. But if you add the sewing projects in with the scrapping projects and the recipes-to-try, get it.
So I'm listing my sewing projects on Ta-Da Lists and I get an idea. As I list the item, I also type the color thread I'm using. Then, maybe, I can work projects in groups. For example, I still have to finish the Easter apron. It's just a matter of adding the pink ribbon sash to it--which is already pinned in place. Well, I also have to make the bloomers for a toddler dress, as well as the buttonholes and lace trim--also pink! So, with my machine armed with pink thread, I can concentrate on these, and any other, pink projects--without having to change thread! Oh, and I'm also making a pink pin cushion.


Gardengirl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I can totally relate to your post. I too have unfinished projects waiting for the final touch. My problem is I start thinking about the next project and can't wait to get started and before I know it I have three or four on the go and none of them finished. I need to do what you are doing and organize myself. Good Post!!!

Mona said...

oooh I can relate! Not starting anything until one is finished is a wonderful idea! But I am so not there either! I am however working on finishing everything I have going now before starting a new set of thigns to do ;o)

Have a great day and enjoy your projects!