Monday, May 28, 2007

In Memory

Happy Memorial Day to All! Here's to...

My Grandfathers, who served in World War I

My Dad and Dad In Law, veterans of World War II

My brother Michael, who fought for our country's freedom during the Vietnam War

And Here's To:



Ruthie said...

Hi :-) Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love your blog! I wanted to tell you a little story about a ferret, since you just lost yours. :)

I work at a vet that specializes in exotics and birds (though we still do mostly dogs and cats). When I started in Feb, a couple came in and found out their 6 year old ferret, Nico, had a large quantity of fluid in her abdomen and was in quite a lot of pain. They didn't have enough money for an ultrasound (who does, seriously) so they decided to just start getting her drained. Every week for the past three and a half months they brought in little Nico and got her abdomen drained of the excess fluid building there, even though they were of very little means, Nico's life was very important to them and she didn't seem to be very painful after the experience. They loved her very much. Last week, instead of draining her, they decided it was time to let her go over the Rainbow Bridge. She had gotten weaker and weaker and thinner and thinner, and they felt she would be happier in peace. They were very calm about their decision and it was very apparent that they had loved her very much and given her a great life. After hearing about your litttle angel, I like to think that little Nico is running through grassy hills in ferret heaven with your little Maddie. :)

Much peace,

Pat said...

Happy Memorial Day to you, Mom2fur! :)
My brother was killed in the Viet Nam war, so today is a special day of remembrance for me, as it is to so many. Here's to all who have given everything for our nation.

Rae said...

That's a lot of family members who have served for us. I hope you had a wonderful day honoring/remembering them.

Thanks for stopping by earlier & taking the time to comment! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

Chris said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love that one of your cats is named Nutmeg. The second cat we had, a calico, was named Nutmeg. She was a sweet cat and lived to be 19 1/2 years old. I still miss her.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

You sure have a rich history of patriotic service in your family. You have a lot of be proud of.