Friday, November 23, 2007

Get Thee to CVS!!!

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Today is Black Friday, as you know. Frankly, there's very little I need/want that I'd get up at 3 a.m. to buy. (Kohl's department store opened at 4 a.m. Geesh. My son said it's probably how they weed out the weirdos.)

Since there's a CVS in virtually every zip code, it's an easy place to do a little shopping today. Some of the buys I see in the circular include:

Craig MP3 player (1 GB) 29.99
Various toys: BOGO
Craig CD player 8.88 (I bought two of these!)

And the! You get some free after rebates on the following. All are limited to one, unless I put a number in a parenthesis after it:

Hershey's Extra Dark 5.1-5.2 oz. 2.99--Free after Rebate (FAR)
CVS pharmacy zipper seal food storage bags--(storage 20 count, freezer gallon, 15count) 1.79--FAR (3)
Colgate Total Advanced Clean plus whitening 4.2 oz or Maxfresh burst 4 oz 2.99 FAR (3)
Excedrin 24 ct, assorted types--3.79 FAR
Tylenol Extra Strength 10 ct, 2.49 FAR
Advil PM caplets 20 ct or liqui-gel 16 ct.--4.00 FAR
Garnier 100% color 5.99 FAR (I don't use this brand, so I don't know if there is a coupon someplace for it, but it would be worth checking!) (2)
Johnson's Softlotion 11-14 oz. 5.69 FAR
Softsoap Nutra-oil Moisturizing Body Wash 12 oz. 3.99 FAR
Bic Soleil Razor (package has 2 razor and 2 cartridges) 6.99 FAR

These deals only last until tomorrow, Saturday the 24th. I hope you get a chance to take advantage of them. And don't forget to use the ECBs you already have!

OH! And I learned something today I never knew. The cashier told me that ECBs are good up to one week after their expiration dates! So check your wallet--you might have one or two you can still use!


Lazy Man and Money said...

Sadly there's no CVS in northern California. I miss it from when I used to live in Boston. Sounds like you found some good deals though.

BillyOceansEleven said...

This was probably the best sale of this Thanksgiving weekend. My experience is on my blog at

Susie Q said...

I LOVE CVS!! WE were there on Saturday! You always have the best things to tell us here! : )


BittersweetPunkin said...

Well I was one of the nutbags that got up at 3:15 and was at Kohls at 4 am!! LOL
...Walmart was right next door and they opened at 5...I did really well and was home drinking coffee by 7!!