Thursday, November 01, 2007

He's 21 today

That's my son Jamie, "James" to his friends, 3rd from the left in the baseball cap. Today is his 21st birthday!

Here's a picture of Jamie when he was about five years old. I made the shirt, using 'free hand embroidery' to do the Jurassic Park logo. What a job. Believe me...I was a lot more ambitious back then! Jamie loved the movie Jurassic Park. He had all the toys and stuffed dinosaurs!
PS...please scroll down for another picture of Shadow...with my daughter. (She'll be 23 in 8 days!)


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Happy Birthday to Jamie on this milestone day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jamie. Also thanks for your prayers.

Heather said...

Happy birthday to Jamie! Ahhhh, to be 21 again.

Love the Jurassic Park costume.

She'sSewPretty said...

Happy Birthday to your son! My oldest son will be 22 in three days and I remember him loving Jurassic park too!

Mom2fur said...

Thanks for all the greetings!
I wouldn't be 21 again for the world, Heather...but I wouldn't mind being 30, LOL!