Sunday, December 30, 2007

After Christmas Sales

I'm not buying too much 'after Christmas' stuff this year. I need to downsize as much as possible, since we'll be moving with the next few years into a much, much smaller house. That is...when the adult kids finally move out. (I'm in no hurry. Don't tell my husband...but my kids could live with us forever, for all I care.)

Still, I did pick up a few things. CVS and Target are both at 75% off here. I had been collecting snowman plates, etc. for Christmas Eve. I had one serving bowl, but I bought another one for about 1.50. You can never have enough bowls. I had a surfeit of wrapping paper for several years now, also bought on clearance, but noticed this year that I've almost used up my stash. Tonight, I bought a big box of paper, ribbon, bows, etc. for less than $4. It's supposed to wrap 30 gifts, but I guess that depends.

Regarding gift wrap, try to find some that is 'non-Christmasy' to use through the year. Don't forget that red is great for Valentine's & Fourth of July and Green is perfect for St. Pat's or the background of any spring or summer-themed package.

I picked up some fabric ribbon for $3-ish. The colors are various and so are the widths, so this will go into my sewing supplies. This particular package had 5 spools. If you sew, or make hair ribbons for a little girl, it's a great buy.

I would recommend checking Target for some nice ornaments to put away for a wedding shower gift. My mother used to give sets of ornaments, and they were always appreciated. Most of us remember having 'Charlie Brown' trees as newlyweds because ornaments are expensive, and the last thing you're thinking about when first married.

I bought a set of fabric-lined, nesting baskets. They are white wicker and the fabric is red, green and white striped. I'm using them for sewing storage in my office...which I have been rearranging this week. But that's a whole 'nuther post.

Enjoy the rest of 2007! And if you figure out where it went... let me know!


Anonymous said...

Ours is still only 50% I bought a stocking for the Colonial room that is awsome. About it for me. Im waiting on 75%

Mom2fur said...

Hey, Brenda! 50% doesn't cut it for me unless it's something that's the last on the rack and I love it. I bet the stocking is awesome! Next stop for me...90% off, LOL!