Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday Sewing Tip

Today's tip: double up! If you have a versatile pattern that you love, why not cut out two at the same time? Just lay your two different fabrics down so they match along their folds, and pin your pattern pieces through all layers. (This wouldn't work with heavy fabric like fleece, unless you happen to have the longest pins in existence.)

By using two fabrics with similar color backgrounds, you can use the same thread for both garments and sew them assembly-line style.

More double-up tips:

Always have two bobbins threaded--one for the machine and a spare. It's a good idea to start with a fully wound bobbin before you do buttonholes! Having the bobbin run out in the middle of a buttonhole is really, really frustrating.

Always have two hand sewing needles threaded if your garment has buttons. This way, when one needle runs out of thread, you don't have to stop and rethread to continue sewing.

Hope today's tips are helpful! Happy Sewing!


Anonymous said...

Great tips!

I do that with the bobbins too.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hey Clare!! I hope you are having a great weekend...I am sneaking around on blogger when I should be doing something else....

Debbie J. said...

That is a great tip. I get more pocketbooks done in the same amount of time if I do two at a time. Cut out two, sew 2 of each part.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Good tips, Clare. I'm thinking of getting one of those little gadgets called a "Side Winder." It winds bobbins so you don't have to unthread your sewing machine to rethread your bobbin.

Miranda said...

As usual these are great tips! It would sure save me a lot of frustration!

She'sSewPretty said...

Those are great tips Clare. I'm going to cut out two scrub tops at a time next time. I really have never thought about doing that for clothes. Thanks!

Billie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, closer geography would help in collecting scrap paper!

Oh my you sew! I can not for the life of me..although I do buttons.

Well, I shouldn't say I can't...I just don't!

GOod for's a great hobby and skill to have!

Denise said...

I always do that -- I usually make two or three of the same dress for daughter and it is just as easy to make three as it is to make one! Cutting them out at the same time saves a LOT of time.