Friday, March 07, 2008

Two Fridays: Sew Crafty and Frugal

I'm always enjoying the wonderful, frugal ideas on Frugal Friday, over at
And you know I love Shereen's blog, especially on Sew Crafty Friday!

Please visit their blogs. There are a lot of crafty, frugal, bright and talented ladies (and gents!) out there!

Since I've been doing more cooking than sewing this week, I decided to participate in both.

My biggest sewing project this week, which is also frugal, was to trace out the pattern for my summer pajamas. I used my old flannel pajamas (the ones that are bleach-stained and faded)! I'm sorry I don't have a photo, but Blogger is being evil today about photos. Basically, all I did was cut the pajama top apart (I'll get to the pants later) and trace one front piece, one sleeve and half of the back. I have some cotton I bought for a dress a while back, but had decided it was too 'tea party' for my tastes (big roses on a white background). So that's what I'll use to make summer pajamas.
I also started to make a quilt for St. Patrick's Day. The chances of me finishing it this year are zippo, but I at least want to get the top done before I put all the green stuff up in the attic.

Speaking of green stuff, here's my frugal cooking tip: make cupcakes this weekend. Bake the first dozen as usual and let your family enjoy them. But for the second dozen, add food coloring to match one of the upcoming holidays! I did mine in green, for St. Patrick's Day. You could do lavendar or pink for Easter, too! Just pop this second batch in the freezer, preferably in something that will keep them from getting squished. Leave off the icing, of course! Then just take them out the day before you need them and ice them after they thaw. You'll have a festive* and frugal snack for the holidays!

*BTW, don't you think 'festive' is just about the most Martha Stewart word ever?


Anonymous said...

I love the idea about the cupcakes. I keep trying to convince my kids to have cupcakes for their birthday's because they are easier!

Debbie J. said...

You are so smart to combine both Fridays! Good Job! Also you are too funny about the chi.. (cant spell it) in Chicago fabric. But it would be cute fabric.

Terri said...

I freeze cupcakes, cookies, muffins and other things frequently. That is a great idea!

lahbluebonnet said...

Ooooo, that tea party fabric sounds just like me! LOL Actually, I am in desperate need of new shorts this summer (I'm in the south where we can tip 100 degrees!) I have an old pair of shorts that I want to cut apart and use as a pattern! Good idea!

Amy said...

I hadn't thought of festive cupcakes yet this year. Thanks for the reminder!

Sonshine said...

Cupcakes are my baking list to do in the next week! :)

Thanks for stopping by today! And cleaning up dried oatmeal or even rice for that matter is not fun it is like trying to clean up cement!! LOL

Sarah Corbin said...

I'm in the process of buying a FREEZER! Finally! So, I'll be able to use your cupcake idea.
Glad you can use my envelope frugality.

purityseekers said...

Hi :) Thanks for the great comments on my stuff!! I wanted you to know that I have another blog with pix of my family (by invitation only to keep my kids fairly private) and I wanted to invite you, if you wanted to be able to view it :) If you just send me your email addy to mine ( I will send an invite to you!! I haven't been to your blog for ages!! I'm gonna go look!!! :) Bridget

Niki said...

I never thought of freezing cupcakes...thanks for the idea!

Vickie said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments today! I really needed a pick me up after a hard day!

I love the idea of freezing cupcakes. I have frozen brownies, cookies, and muffins but never thought to freeze cupcakes! Great idea!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

You sound very handy! I TOTALLY agree about the word festive! Very Martha!

Ginny said...

Great idea to make a pattern. I did something similar years ago when my kids were babies to make a nursing nightgown. They were so expensive to buy, but the hospital I was in gave me one of theirs to take home. I didn't cut it apart but used a roll of paper to trace the whole thing to make pattern pieces. I like your idea better. It would have been simpler. Love the cupcake hint. You are such a creative thinker.

S.B. said...

Good tip about freezing cupcakes. The two of us can never each a whole batch anyway!