Friday, December 11, 2009

CD Coasters

Do you remember this apron from last year? It was made for a dear friend who loves "A Charlie Brown Christmas." I had some of the fabric left over, so when I found a tutorial for CD Coasters, I knew what to make!

And here is an excellent tutorial for the coasters:

I made my patterns a little differently, though. I simply traced 3 circles with a CD. I made one larger for the outside, one slightly smaller for the batting and one exact for the back. And I made mine in this order: glued the batting on first, then sewed on the top (over the batting so the top of the coaster is padded--obviously, I used thin batting (low loft?). You could use felt.) and finally, a piece of felt on the back. Her way is much faster and easier, but I like the padding on top!
Here is the finished product:

I'll be sending them to her this week, with some homemade cookies. I even found a square Christmas gift box that these fit into perfectly!


Becky said...

Those are cute! Of course, now I've got the Charlie Brown Christmas music stuck in my head...

Mary said...

Very cute. I love it when frugal meets cute meets useful all in one package!

LaVonne said...

What cute fabric. You are a nice friend! Merry Christmas. :)