Monday, December 01, 2008

Must Be Santa Monday

It's time for "Must Be Santa Monday," so join already, will you? Don't tell me you don't have anything to post about Christmas!

When I saw this fabric, I couldn't resist. I had no idea what I planned to do with it, but then it hit me: a friend of mine (she won't see this--she doesn't read blogs) is a big fan of "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

So I made her an apron. I had enough fabric left to make one for myself, too, although at the rate I'm going my own will be finished next year, LOL!
The bias binding is candy-cane striped, and I made it myself. Making binding is a pain, but it's so cute when you're done.
The apron is from the book "A is for Apron," and the pattern is "Lemon Meringue," sans pockets. I really do need to make something else from the book, but I like this pattern. It's easy and very flattering--no gathers at the waist!
BTW...the green blouse is my Christmas top, so far.

More news: I cashed in my quarters for an gift card via Coinstar. Can you believe I had over 250 quarters? With some other pocket change, I ended up with about $75. I've ordered a few things, and still have about $25 left to play with later. I took some items out of my cart because the shipping was so high, and stuck with 'eligible for free shipping' items only. I'm danged if I'm going to send someone $22 just to ship a few t-shirts!


Day4plus said...

Cool pattern and great fabric. And yes bingo will always be just a little guy to me. LOL MB

Debbie J. said...

Very cute fabric! I have a new apron pattern to try soon that I bought in Tennessee. I've never made an apron.

Wow, you had lots of quarters and are spending those coupons wisely! I don't blame you, I wouldn't want to pay for shipping either. Its outrageous how much it cost to mail stuff now, but I guess its cheaper than the gas to take it there... LOL

Audra Krell said...

Nice work on the quarter cash in! I love it! I also love the apron. Totally adorable.
I LOVED your comment on my blog about the kind of dinner I should have, yes I'm going to just say no to a chicken dinner and go with your suggestion sister!

Brandy said...

I love it, the apron is so cute. I might try one of those myself. I am trying to teach myself to sew, so this seems like it would be a great project.