Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all. My husband really surprised me with a new Nintendo DS! And it's RED!!! (My favorite color!)

See, I had a pink one that died on me. I tried a new charger with no luck, and then I ordered a battery on line. Dopey me...I didn't realize it was a DS Lite, so I had the wrong battery. I'll just give it to someone with a regular DS.

So Mike says this morning: "I was going to do the flowers and candy thing, but I decided I wanted to do something more special. And I saw you had this 'hole' in your life these days. I wanted to make you happy..."

Oh, yeah. He cracks me up big time--the 'hole' in my life is not having my DS to fiddle with. Honestly, I missed it but not that much, but he knew how much fun I had with it. So he got me a new one.

I think, maybe, I'll keep this guy.

I hope you all are as happy today as I am.

(PS--my gift to him was a CD I burned of some songs he likes. Not much compared to a DS, but he's a guy who doesn't want much. The family is getting lasagna for dinner, and I'm about to look up my spritz cookie recipe to make heart-shaped cookies!)


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I'm so out of the loop! What's a DS?

Mom2three said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! We have lots of fun each day learning new ASL signs and the baby's mom made a comment yesterday about how much easier it has been with her as she can actually communicate with us!

Aren't our men funny about what they perceive as important to us? I love it when he does little things around the house - those mean a lot to me that he pays attention to things that need to be fixed.

Young Wife said...

How fun! It really is the thought that counts. One of the best anniversary present my husband has given me was a pink wakeboard.

Jamie said...

Okay, your husband totally gets you. I'd rather have a gift that reflects me, instead o the run of the mill that he thinks I expected. Have fun with your DS. I've been thinking about geting one myself (my oldest daughter is NOT big on sharing hers).