Friday, July 14, 2006


I'd say it's about 90% better. I can type with two hands if I don't do it too long. Stitches come out tomorrow. I went to the pediatrician I work for and she changed it from a big, bulky wrap to two small Band-aids, which helped immensely. I think most of the pain was caused by having my hand in an unnatural position for almost a week. I can move my hand now--just have to watch I don't press my thumb into anything. I will be glad to be able to tie my hair back, put on an apron, chop an onion, wash my hair with two hands (try doing it with one hand--geesh)...funny how we take something as mundane as a hand for granted. Especially the lowly left hand, LOL!

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Sandra said...

So glad you're finger is doing better, I may sound selfish, but I miss your posts LOL

Take care of yourself,