Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Coupons in surprising places

When I got to Ohio last week, I was waiting (forever) for my bag to show up on the carousel. Okay, so about 8 million black bags go by and I don't see mine. I have a red ribbon on the handle. Do you know how many people put red ribbons on their black backs? I was beginning to think my bag hadn't made it off the connecting flight in Baltimore. The carousel stops and the lights go out. I'm tired of standing...well, my back is killing me. So I decide to sit down and wait until the bags start coming around again. I spot a Sunday paper scattered over some seats. And I'm looking...and I'm wondering if...and I think people will think I'm nuts...and I decide I don't care. So I walk over to the scattered paper and...find THREE coupon inserts!!!! So, not only do I have the ones back in New York, and the ones my mom will give me from her paper...I have a 3rd set. Talk about serendipity! Dang, I think I'll have to travel on Sunday more often and do a treasure hunt through the airport to see if anyone else left the paper, with its coupons, behind! Sometimes, I'm more than...sorta frugal.


Kathleen Marie said...

That is cute but did you ever find your bag??

Amy said...

Wow. 3 things of coupons. What a great treat!!! :)

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

YAY!!! It's super coupon day!