Saturday, October 28, 2006

A necklace I made

I was 'into' beading a long time ago but gave up the hobby. Well, lately I've been wanting some costume jewelry to wear to work. Have you priced that stuff lately? A simple beaded necklace can run you $20! Well, I remembered I still had beads and string at home. All I needed to buy were the clasps and jump rings. There are enough of those (and enough beads) to make more necklaces. I also found the coolest clasp. It's magnetic! You bring the necklace around the back of your neck and it just pops together. The magnet is very strong. That actually made it a little difficult to put on the jump rings because the rings and the pliers kept wanting to stick to the magnets. It was also a bit of a pain trying to coordinate the beads so they were symmetrical (the colors match--they just look faded in the picture). I know there are these things you can buy to line up beads, but I don't feel like paying for something like that. I think I'm going to have to find a way to do it on my own. Maybe a piece of styrofoam with a groove cut into it. Anyway, this was fun to make and it was sorta frugal, too. Makes me wonder what other old crafts supplies I have laying around from back in the day, when I really used to do more crafty things. Anyone know an article with a title like "New Uses for Old Crafty Things"?


Judy said...

Ahhh, nice to see this up and running again... I do like your necklace. Don't you wish you had the time now that you had before the kids?? :-) Though I'm not suggesting no kids!! I'm looking forward to seeing whatever else you come up with!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Oh that's lovely! My MIL makes beaded jewellery and sells it online. She's lucky that my FIL is very handy at making her any tools she might need :)