Sunday, October 01, 2006

Off to Ohio

I'm leaving in about an hour and a half to visit my mother in Ohio. I've been nervous about the trip because I'm always afraid I'm going to forget something important. Nothing like my toothbrush or shampoo; my mother sells Avon, LOL! I'm talking about my prescription stomach meds, or my heat pads (for my back) or my wallet. Or I'll forget to leave instructions for my daughter on how to take care of my animals while I'm gone. This is why I love this: For the past month I've been adding things to the list as I think of them, some vital, some just things I want to bring. I just printed it up and I can check things off as I go along. I've written about this site before (it's free, of course!) but I can't say enough about how much it has helped me. Like everyone else, I have 18 projects going on, on top of just life itself. My mind seems to be going in 2,000 different directions. These lists help me focus and stay on target. I have one for cleaning every room of my house, LOL! Well...I'll be back in a week. Mom's got homemade vegetable soup for dinner tonight. Trust me, nobody makes vegetable soup like my mom! Boy, am I looking forward to that! Have a great week, you few and wonderful faithful readers!

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Kathleen Marie said...

I have to check the list site out. It could come in really handy. Thanks!