Saturday, October 07, 2006

I'm baaaacck

Not that anyone even notices that I've gone. I experienced my first real hailstorm and tornado warning in Ohio. It was so cool! I was reading in my room (my mother's guest room, I mean) when I heard something like rocks hitting the house. So I go out and tell my mom I think we're having hail. Suddenly, these big chunks of ice--about the size of golf balls--come pouring out of the sky. Thousands of them! BOOM BOOM BOOM! The wind picks up like nuts and trees start bending. We were watching the news and a tornado alert comes for the area. We actually went down into her basement (which is finished) and watched TV there for a while. Then we went back upstairs when the sirens stopped. Except they kept starting and stopping. It was kind of annoying. My mother's grass was completely covered with hailstones and you can't see the lawn for the leaves that fell off the trees. Boy, it's times like this you're glad you're safe inside your home. I felt sorry for people driving--it was about the end of rush hour. Even more, I feel sorry for anyone who was walking. OUCH--imagine getting hit by hundreds of golf balls!I remember one small hailstorm on Long Island when I was a kid, but nothing like this. And it's my first experience with a real tornado warning. I thought it was pretty cool, but of course we also took precautions. Anyway, the next day they said a county to the south and east of where my mom lives was hit pretty hard with a lot of bad damage, including flash floods that almost buried cars in the streets. Anyway, it was an interesting experience...noisy, too!


Judy said...

Good to have you back home where you belong. :-) I'm glad to hear nothing was damaged at your Mom's with the hailstorm. My daughter and SIL had one this summer at their house about 10 miles from us. Like what you are talking about. They took pictures thinking no one would believe the size. Very scarey! Hope your visit was nice and enough time to catch up with your Mom? But I'm sure your family is happy to have you home again. Not to mention all your furry friends. :-)
Chat soon

Amy said...

Ever since the Wizard of Oz I've been scared to death of tornados! :)
You'll love Shoebuy. I usually get a pair in two sizes if I'm in doubt and then just return for free! It's great!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

fuyGlad you're back! Missed you! YIKES! Sounds like a nasty storm.. we had large sized hail here a few weeks back but no tornado warning thank goodness! Grateful that everything was fine there too!