Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another baby outfit I made

It was such a mild winter that it was a while before my friend's baby grand daughter could wear this, but I'm glad because now it actually fits her nicely. It was meant to be all turquoise, but I cut the front out wrong and ran out of fabric. So I made the pants a different color and made a pocket to match the pants. I wonder what little Ada has in there?


Amy said...

Tooo cute! I love that outfit! I just got my first sewing machine last week and checked out some books from the library. I am anxious to start learning how to make some things and repair things around here.

Jennifer said...

Hi mom2fur. You just left a comment on my blog, yummy mommy, and I love checking out the blogs of people who leave comments on my blog. I still find the whole blog phenomenon so amazing, and I have met the most interesting people.Its funny because I just found Rocks in My Dryer last night after I saw it on typepad's recently updated list, and here you are talking about it! Its a small blogging world!

Rebecca said...

That is the cutest baby picture ever! I love the outfit ... and the expression!