Saturday, March 31, 2007

A site I like Cindy has a great philosophy (one of several): "Do instead of Buy." Boy, do I need to remember that more often than I do! Dang it, but I bought a jar of salsa for a recipe I plan to make next week--when all the while there is a half jar of perfectly good salsa hiding in the back of my fridge. Not to mention the plum sauce that would have been delicious with the moo shu pork I made last week.
Today, as might be obvious, I'm cleaning out the fridge. Taking things off shelves, washing, organizing. Cindy offers some printables that include "Treasures in the Fridge," where you can write down your inventory. Yesterday, I did my freezers, where I found a nice piece of salmon my oldest son can have for dinner tonight.
I also found at least 4 jars of almost-empty barbecue sauce. Last week, I had a piece of leftover beef I needed to cook. I combined some bbq sauce with pineapple juice and cooked the beef in it on low heat for about 3 hours. This was one of those dishes you eat before it even leaves the pot, it's so good. It just fell apart. Oh, and it was a shoulder cut, not a very tender piece of meat. You would have thought it was sirloin!
So I plan to combine all those almost-done bbq sauces with some juice and make another steak this coming week. BBQ beef sandwiches, here we come!
Let's see--I've cleaned and inventoried my freezers (those are the kind attached to fridges, not big freezers. I wish.) and my fridge. Next stop, the pantry.

But not today. I'm tired.


Maggie said...

LOL! This is so funny, I just got done blogging about cleaning out the fridge, then I came over and saw you did to! I promise, I didnt copy!

scribbit said...

Oh how I hate cleaning out cabinets and fridges and stuff. I tend to find things that I should have used but let go to waste.

Kathleen Marie said...

I feel so convicted. My fridge does need a good cleaning! Thank the Lord for fridges!

Anonymous said...

oh, you caught my attention when i saw on the scribbet blog that you also hate cleaning out the frig, etc. by the time i/we get around to it, it is usually in desparate shape (like maybe there should be some hazardous warning posted). and i never can imagine how does it get THIS bad and gross! who are these gremlins who come into the home and destroy this area? the teens do all this? or do i as a result of shoving it all in to make a spot when all i want to do is go to bed that night? is it husband's fault? wow, he is such an excellent cook (we are so lucky that he LOVES to do that as i hate that chore, always have), but when he cooks/bakes, he makes such a mess in the kitchen. perhaps that is the sacrifice worth putting up with because he blesses us with such great cooking and i don't have to do it very much then.

i feel more normal now (whoever decided what normal is) because i see others also feel as i do about gross kitchen frig etc cleaning.

all things good to you and yours this day from anchorage alaska,

Anonymous said...

hi there -- thanks for leaving a note on my blog.

yes, like in girl scouts, where the different age levels are named various names, the "sunbeams" are a name that we call one of the youngest kids groups in our kids program. and there is this adorable song called "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam." the kids love singing it! so do i! the kids' program is called "primary" and it has age groups called i.e., sunbeams, ctr (which stands for "choose the right" -- a good value to instill young), valiant, etc, stuff like that. just a way to easily identify each age group. i think the kids get a kick out of identifying with some named age group. maybe.

my frig looks even worse today. somebody put up the mexican food leftovers and knocked shredded cheese all over one shelf. yuck! i noticed that when i first came home from work! :)

God bless ya this day,

Naturegirl said...

What is it about everyone cleaning cupboards and are doing a spring cleaning!Happy Easter
thank you for visitng my snow garden.

I have a good life said...

That BBQ and pineapple sounds YUMMY! I am always looking for new recipes. My kids' chores this week have been to clean out a shelf a day in the fridge. It works for them and it works for me! glass shelves can actually be seen through now that the spilled stuff is up! :)