Thursday, March 01, 2007

Home Making Meme

I found this meme over at, who got it from elsewhere. Thought it was cute so I'm going to try it...
Aprons - Y/N? I love aprons! I have quite a few, some of which I made myself. Great excuse to use some of the really cool fabric out there. Besides, I'm a slob. I can't help it--I go through at least 2 tops a day from spilling stuff. Aprons are a life saver.
Baking - Favorite thing to bake? I'm more of a cook than a baker, but I love making coffee cake and muffins. In fact, I hope to use the last of my freezer blueberries (from last summer!) to make muffins today!
Clothesline - Y/N? Oh, I wish! I love the smell of clothes that have dried in the sun. I even strung a line across my deck years ago to hang baby clothes. I gave up on my husband making a real clothes line for me. Next house, maybe? Still, with my electric bill as high as it is...maybe I can bug him for one again? (BTW, he does a LOT for me and the kids. But sometimes...I have to push for things.)
Donuts - Ever made them? Only the ersatz kind where you poke a hole in a refrigerator biscuit and deep fry it. Actually, they are more like zeppoles.
Everyday - One homemaking thing you do everyday? Hmmm...lots of stuff. I guess one thing is that we run the dishwasher ever day. We have to...there are 7 people here and we go through a lot of dishes!
Freezer - Do you have a separate deep freezer? I wish, again! I have an old refrigerator that still works fine, so I keep extra stuff in that freezer.
Garbage Disposal - Y/N? No. My mom has one and she's always worrying about the wrong thing going into it. Who needs that?
Handbook - Y/N? I have a 3-ring binder with page protectors in it. They hold my weekly coupon circulars, take-out menus and a few other household things. I even have an index page with scraps of fabric on it so I know what fabric I have for sewing. I don't know where I got the idea from...but I love my little handbook!
Ironing - Love it or hate it? It's a necessary evil. I have very few things I iron...and mostly, I just hang those up right out of the dryer. I use my iron more for pressing seams when I'm sewing.
Junk Drawer - Where is it? I don't think I have one. We do have a box where orphan things are thrown until we figure out what to do with them. I guess that's the same thing!
Kitchen - Design and decorating? When we moved here, there was ugly wallpaper and orange counters. Can you say "Brady Bunch"? Now my counters are white. I have a nice vinyl floor in different shades of beige and brown. My walls are a pale mint green. My lower cafe curtains and black and white check. I'm now reminded that I need to change off the valance for spring. Right now it's a poinsettia design. I have to get some fabric and make up a new one! As long as it has a touch of red, I'm happy. Red is my favorite color. All my kitchen tools are red. BTW, my appliances are black. So I guess the color scheme is red/white/black against a pale green backdrop. (The cabinets are dark wood, but they look nice against all the light colors.)
Love - What is your favorite part of homemaking? Anything to do with making dinner: menu planning, coupon-clipping, cooking.
Mop - Y/N? Now there's something my husband does for me...the heavy housework like vaccuuming and mopping. I have a bad back and can't do these things.
Nylons - Wash them by hand or in the washer? Just to show how old-fashioned I am...I still call them 'stockings.' I guess I hand wash them. I rarely wear them as I rarely wear dresses.
Oven - Do you use the window or open it to check?Both. It's pretty new so I can still see through the window, but you have to open it to use a meat thermometer, of course.
Pizza - What do you put on yours? Nothing but cheese. My stomach can't take anything too spicy.
Quiet - What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? I do my book-reading in the early morning with my cup of coffee, when the house is quiet. Later in the day, it's never quiet here.
Recipe card box - Y/N? Oh, yeah. I love mine. It holds 4x6 cards, is made of metal, and I guess it's like a shoe box.
Style of house – high ranch
Tablecloths and napkins - Y/N? We only use a tablecloth at Christmas. We use paper napkins.
Under the kitchen sink – Cleaning stuff
Vacuum - How many times a week? My husband vacuums every saturday, but we use a Swivel Sweeper throughout the week.
Wash - How many loads do you do a week? At least one a day, and I really should do a lot more. It is never, ever, ever caught up.
X'es - Do you keep a list of things to do and cross them off? I use an on-line site called My Ta-Da lists, and have lists for each room. I follow them as I clean. I hate housework, so I alternate fun stuff like blogging with chores!
Yard -My husband and boys handle it all. I just tend to a garden.
ZZZ's - What is your last homemaking task for the day? Probably walking around and shutting of lights! Oh...and making sure both the cats are in for the night!

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Lauren S. said...

Thanks for visiting my WFMW post! I have never heard of Ta-Da Lists. I will have to check that out! I enjoyed your meme!