Monday, March 26, 2007

Saving My Savings

I'm a big believer in coupons. I save a lot with them. But in the long run, even though my year-to-date savings at the local Stop & Shop is over $500...where did that money go? Well, most of it got absorbed back into the household budget, of course.
Recently, I broke down and decided to sign up for on-line banking. I was iffy about this, but there isn't all that much money in the account to begin with. So the identity thief who steals this account pretty much steals trash. Well, the bank has an excellent protection program, anyway. So...on to my savings. Now that I can do all my transactions (except making deposits, dang it) from my computer, I'm going to make an effort to put my coupon/sale savings into my savings account. It's a simple transfer, and I just round up to the next 10 dollars. Today, I moved $30 over there. (For the record, I bought $68 worth of groceries for $40 today.)
Now that it's easy to 'save my savings,' I hope to really see my account grow!


Maggie said...

That is a very good idea. This week I spent the extra but I had been applying the extra to debt or saving it for a stock up trip before that.

Shereen said...

It looks like we have been thinking along the same lines. I just opened up a savings account, to attempt to do the same thing with all our bills. So if we get our electricity bill under the amount I have budgeted for it, the remainder would go into that savings account. On top of that, I signed up for a program my bank has that if I pay $9.50 for something with my bank card, they round it up to the nearest dollar and put the .50 in my savings account. For the first 3 months they will match whatever money gets transferred over from the rounding up. It's called, "keep the change" I have been wanting to get into using coupons more. Thanks for the inspiration.

Mona said...

This is such a wonderful idea! I think that is neat putting what we would have ended up spending into savings, I am sure that in the end it will end up amounting to alot!! Wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing it!