Friday, August 24, 2007

F is for Food, Fabric and Family

Food at Mom's...holy cow. I think I've gained five pounds here in Ohio. Monday we had lasagna. Tuesday we had beef stroganoff. Wednesday we went to a cool restaurant, "Der Dutchman," where I had chicken-fried steak. Hot dogs for dinner that night. Last night we went to a place called the Ohio State Hall of Fame Cafe. I had a prime rib sandwich. (I commented to my son that we sure have been eating a lot of beef this week!) And tonight...speaking of holy mother made us t-bone steaks on the grill! With salad (tomatoes from her garden) and mini potato pancakes.
After lunch at Der Dutchmann, we went to this Amish place that sells bulk spices, candy and cheese really cheap. There is a little room in the back. It used to sell fabric. Now it sells a few sewing notions, but numerous vintage things, too. I found the cutest little child's tea set in blue and white for $4 and a pretty crystal creamer for a quarter. The prices were so amazing! Everything seems so much cheaper out of New York.
I think the best part of this visit, other than seeing my mother and my aunt Mary, was going through some old lace my mother had in a cabinet downstairs. It was from when my paternal grandmother was alive. I remember she had this cool sewing room, just off the living room, with French doors. My grandmother died before I was married, so it has to be at least 30 years ago. She was in her 90s and hadn't done any sewing in many years. So the lace and doilies I'm bringing home with me are at least 40 years old. Who knew there was such a treasure in my mother's house!
I also got to pick out any and all fabric I wanted from my mother's stash. I found some really cute stuff. Mom says, 'take whatever you want. I'm trying to get rid of it.' She will be 85 in January. I'm thinking she's going to live to be 100, at least. I hope so!
I also hope that my two sisters, my brother and I can all gather whatever of the grandchildren are available and meet next summer to celebrate my mother's 85th year. It has been a long time since we've been together. It's hard to be so far apart...we're in New York, Ohio, Michigan and Georgia!


Jude said...

Your trip sounds like you're having a good time, Clare! Who knew what treasures you would find? Nice you got the lace from your grandmother. That is awesome! You'll have to use that some time on a sew crafty Friday so we can all see it. I'm enjoying hearing about your trip.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Ummmm. The food sounds wonderful.