Friday, August 31, 2007

N is for...

Nicky! Better known to his friends as 'Nick.' Nicky is 17 years old and about to enter his junior year at high school. His number one most favorite topic is "Halo," the video game. He even put a counter on my desktop that counts down to when Halo 3 comes out. I already reserved him a copy...almost a year ago! He says he should be able to stay home from school that day (a Tuesday) because he won't be able to concentrate anyway, he'll be so excited. I told him...ha, ha, ha.
Nicky has a great sense of humor. He takes very little seriously. Even as a kid, he hardly ever got upset. Not to say that sometimes he doesn't get snitty. He's a teenager after all. But he's never gone overboard with that whole teen angst thing. Yay! He will actually sit and talk to me...athough it's usually about something unpersonal like Halo, or the military, or some movie, or something funny he saw on line. None of my boys get personal with me...heaven forbid one of them would tell me if he had a girlfriend.
Nick's ambition is to join the Marines. Mom's ambition is that he finds something safer to do with his life, but I'd be proud of him if he did volunteer to defend our country. He could be a ballistics expert...he knows a lot about guns and ammo. Too much. He has a nice Airsoft gun (I have no idea what kind) which shoots soft plastic pellets. I told him as long as he lives here, he ain't getting a real gun. What is it with boys and guns?
Just to let you know he isn't all about guns, he's amazing with animals. You should hear him talk gooey baby talk to our dog, Shadow! He takes Shadow into bed with him every night, and onto the couch with him when he lays down to listen to his MP3 player.
So...that's it about Nicky. I'd post about my cat, Nutmeg...but this is long enough, LOL!
Oh...and lest we forget where this whole ABC Meme started, here's the link again!

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