Monday, December 15, 2008

Must Be Santa Monday

My donation to MBSM today is my list of appetizers for my Christmas Eve party:

Cranberry Meatballs--half in freezer. I'm making more this week. The sauce gets made the day before.

Coconut Chicken--again, half in freezer. I decided to make more. I have the chicken cut up already and will do that this week, too.

Cocktail Hot Dogs--in a kind of cranberry sauce. I made the sauce a while back, and I can't tell you what's in it because it's one of those 'throw it together with what you have' sauces, but I tried some on another batch of hot dogs and it was yummy. I just froze the rest and will heat it up with another package of mini dogs--possibly in the crockpot.

Shrimp--this is the one time of year we splurge on the really good stuff from the seafood store (our favorite restaurant, btw--Catfish Annie's.)

Celery Cheese Sticks--basically just cream cheese and shredded cheddar in a celery stick with some nuts on top.

Swedish Meatballs--I need to make another batch, plus the gravy.

Cheese Bites--I also plan to make these this week to freeze them

Nacho Dip

Bacon Wrapped Crackers--just bacon around crackers. Intriguing. I think there's a recipe out there that uses parmesan cheese, too.

I might find a few more things to make. I have no qualms about buying some things from the frozen food section, LOL!

The main dish, as I've posted before, is scungilli and sauce over linguini. I'll pass on the snail, but I make enough appetizers to fill up anyone who doesn't want that. My kids (other than Nicky) and my husband love the stuff.

Do you do a Christmas Party? Any suggestions for make-ahead appetizers?


i'm kelly said...

the cranberry meatballs sound wonderful. you definitely need to share the recipe!

Mommy2APrincess said...

Cranberry meatballs are GREAT---IF you add the MEAT! LOL!
For the celery cheese sticks, try chopping up a few slices of pruscuitto in the cream cheese; also some green pimento olives. YUM!! (Personally, *I* like anchovies chopped up in the cream cheese...and usually make some for myself!)
Post these on the 'Yard and let's see if we can get more to post their dishes!

Mommy2APrincess said...

OOOOHH! Another thing I make for my party is crab roll ups. I take tortilla shells, mix softened cream cheese with hot pepper flakes to taste (we like 'em spicy) shreadded cheddar, finely chopped green and red pepper, garlic, old bay and canned crab meat. I spread the tortilla with the creamcheese/crab spread and roll it up tightly; bake until hot and set. (I tightly wrap mine in foil so they don't leak out) and let cool. When cool, slice in one inch slices. DELICIOUS!

Mom2fur said...

I'll post the cranberry meatballs recipe soon. And Mom2AP, those recipes sound easy and yummy!

sa said...