Saturday, December 20, 2008

I should be doing other things... finishing my Christmas blouse. But you know how an idea strikes you, and you want to try it right away? That happened to me this morning when I was looking at the tangles of wires around this house, mostly associated with computers. So I made up some wire wrappers (for lack of a better name) from scrap fabric. I've only made 3 so far, since I really do plan on doing legitimate Christmas work today, LOL!
Basically, you cut 3 rectangles: 2 of fabric, one of something cushy (I used a scrap of fleece). Sandwich these together, right sides of the 'good' fabric out, and sew around the edges. Then pink or serge the edgegs. Okay, if you want to do this right, you should cut the rectangles a little more evenly than I did.
I used sticky-back Velcro, which I put on the short end. I wrapped it around the looped-up wire, then pulled off the second backing and stuck it together. I just sort of fudged the measurements, which is how I usually do things. But again, if you want to do it pretty and right, try looping up your wire and taking a rough measurement around it.
Regarding the blouse: I did get the buttons (they look like purple and green crystal) and I have the green thread in the machine and the buttonholer on I'm on my way. This might actually end up being my 2008 Christmas blouse, after all.


Becky said...

Very clever idea! Maybe I should try that for my computer-- the wires here are a mess!

And it wasn't adding a new student to my band class-- it was to my private lessons schedule. Basically, started teaching her 3 weeks ago and was doubling up on lessons because it was last-minute cramming for her All-State Band audition. (She'd been having trouble with the rhythms, and her mom didn't know until then. And I've worked with her band teacher before at the band camp I work at every summer, and so she recommended me.) So once she got past the audition, her mom requested that she be able to switch nights because I'm teaching in her area on that day, driving around to different students' houses. (A bit of a trek from my house, at least by Delaware standards, but I have a good concentration of students in that area so it makes it worth it to drive around and teach at their houses.) Just means I get done around 8 instead of 7:15 now. And then have to go home and eat dinner.

Debbie J. said...

Sounds like a stroke of genius to me!

I was the same way the other night when I became determined to make my first apron. I came home from work and didn't stop until it was done.

Merry Christmas to you! Hope you aren't snowed in!

MouseChirpy said...

This is a great idea! Our house is in dire need of something like this. Thanks for sharing.

Dianne said...

That is very clever and a great idea, Clare.

I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

I have enjoyed reading your blog from time to time and have enjoyed your comments on my blog as I get time to post it. Maybe after the first of the year, I will have more time to enjoy catching up on what others are writing about.



i'm kelly said...

great idea!

Anonymous said...