Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tightwad Tuesday: Napkins

I'm not working on any particular sewing projects these days, but want to keep myself 'in the mood.' So I've been looking for little things to do that don't involve a trip to the fabric store. (See my previous post.)
I like cloth napkins, just because they feel nice--nothing to do with the environment. Saving the earth is just a bonus. Saving money and getting something semi-luxurious out of the deal is the real reason I do it.

Today, I'm making more cloth napkins.

This is frugal because it's a)cheaper than constantly buying paper napkins* and b)I'm using up some of my ridiculous fabric scrap stash. Did I say ridiculous? Can any sewist have too much fabric--even little pieces?

*truth: my husband buys paper napkins. I use them, too, but not as often as I use cloth. I only wish I could get the rest of the house on board with me. Oh, well.

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Chris Ronk said...

I like to make colorful beanbags as my cheap sewing project.

The kids like them and I get them to make their own.

Jen said...

I've been wanting to this for a long time. I'm still buying and using paper towels and napkins. Yikes! I have everything I need, so I better get going. Thanks for the motivation!

momstheword said...

My family doesn't seem to care if we use napkin or cloth. Unfortunately we tend to use napkin. We need to get more frugal!

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Blogging Team/Econobusters.com said...

Great project to be tackling now when it's cold outside! Thanks for sharing your idea on our blog today about using that last bit of mustard at the bottom of the bottle to make a yummy salad dressing. I'll be sure to try that next time.

Kris Price