Thursday, April 08, 2010

8/9 ain't bad plus tutorial

I have so many things to do--some fun, like sewing, some boring but necessary, like paying bills. Don't you ever look around the mess that is your home (I don't mean 'mess,' I mean 'people actually live here, it isn't a showroom') and feel overwhelmed?

I like to-do lists, but sometimes they can be discouraging if you don't check off all the things you had planned to do in a day.

The best idea, I think, is to keep a minimal list and give yourself all day to tackle it. I had 9 items on my list today, not including just straightening up around the house. I managed to finish 10 of them. The boring stuff included paying my Sears bill and shredding 10 items from my 'to shred' box. The fun stuff mostly involved sewing, although I also consider hanging and removing clothes from the clothesline 'fun.' (We had another 80 plus day today.)

I cut out 2 tops for the summer and got a good start on one of them.

I dropped a bag of attic stuff at the thrift store and came home with a simple white candle base (for wide candles) and a cute star-shaped basket that I will use for any patriotic holiday. (I spent $2 plus tax. I traded in about 15 items for 2--not bad for decluttering!)

Speaking of patriotic, I finished 3 very simple napkins. 3 because that's all the fabric I had. Here is a simple tutorial, done without a serger*:

For each napkin, cut 2 pieces of fabric the same size. Mine measure about 8 x 8 but you might want to go bigger.

Pin the fabric WRONG sides together and stitch all around the edges with about a half inch seam.

Now, take your pinking shear and trim all around the edges. You are done!

Since I just made these, I haven't washed them. I expect them to fray a little but I think that will make them look more interesting.

Sorry, no photos, but I will try to take one for Sew Crafty Friday tomorrow.

*I'm still afraid of those things.

BTW, if you've gotten this far and you want to know what I didn't get done...#9 was to pin the sleeves into a jacket I'm making.

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Nikki said...

I just looked closer at your napkin picture after reading the tutorial. I have a serger that is currently out of commission. The thought of sewing something that will have to be turned right-side out and pressed and sewn shut is just overwhelming right now. I never thought of pinking the edges of my napkins like that. Cool tip!