Thursday, April 01, 2010

Clothesline Day

We had very heavy rain a few days ago--7 inches, I heard. Not as bad as some areas but still pretty messy.

Today, however, the sun is shining and the sky is blue. It's 67 (!) degrees outside. So I get to hang laundry on the line! (Yeah, I'm easy to entertain.)

I just ran some of my spring tops through a rinse cycle to dampen them, put them on hangers, and hung them out to dry. Since they are already hung up, all I have to do is transfer them from the line to my closet! Easy, huh?

If I ever move, it better not be to one of those lame communities that don't let you hang up clotheslines. What is it with those people?


The Proverbs Wife said...

That is such a wonderful tip. It makes so much sense. I am working on my backyard landscaping and such. I would love to run a clothes line in my back yard to use through the warmer months, but we have heavy pollen here and 3 of us are allergy sufferers. Thanks for sharing your tips and gardening pictures. Oh...and for commenting on my blog.

Nikki said...

There is something so satisfying to me about hanging clothes or cloth diapers on a clothesline. Our last base was way too cold much of the year. I think I'll find out if I can hang a clothesline here.

Mary Q Contrarie said...

I live in an apartment so I can not have a clothesline. I have found that I can have the same joy by simply taking my clothes drying rack out on to the patio.