Friday, April 23, 2010

Frugal Friday, etc.

(I've edited this post to link to some other frugal blogs!)

It's "Frugal Friday" over at "Life as Mom" and I am participating today!

Here is my idea:

I made myself a mini coupon binder. I've tried several methods of keeping coupons, and they all worked great at the time I was using them. But here's the gist: I not only have quite a stockpile (I literally can't squeeze one more thing in the freezer) but there are also only four of us home now since the two oldest have moved out. My younger kids, 19-year-old Nick and 23-year-old James, have schedules that mean I'm rarely cooking for four of us anyway. And I have enough food in this house (barring the need for fresh things like salad or milk or bread) to feed an army for two months.

So...I'm currently not using as many coupons as I was when I was building my stockpile and feeding 6 on a regular basis. I needed something I could just carry around quickly to any store, and the accordian folder thing just doesn't work for me.

I had thought about the idea to use baseball card holders in a big binder, but I couldn't find any. Then I saw these little plastic pouches in Michael's. I think they are meant to hold beads or other small craft items. I bought them with my 40% off coupon. Then I went to the dollar section for a small notebook and some bling-bling. (Some of my bling has fallen off as you can see.)

The pouches have zip closers but I wanted to be able to pull the coupons out easily, so I cut those off. Then I used sticky-dots to 'glue' one pouch on each page of the notbook. I can slip some coupons right in and others I just fold so I can see what they are. This is easy to carry everywhere.

My little coupon binder wouldn't work for a big family or someone just starting a stockpile, but for anyone 'downsizing' or just taking a break from couponing, I think it would be a good idea. Besides, a cute notebook is cuter than any accordian folder, LOL!

(PS--one other thing I would do is to put tabs along the sides to make each category easier to get to!)

Added: I've also linked to "Couponic Stimulus Package" and "I am A Money Magnet," where you will find some other great frugal tips!


Tanya @ Little Life Improvements said...

What a great idea! I don't like toting my whole batch of coupons to the store but instead pick out the ones I need for each trip. This little binder would be a great way to keep my coupons organized by what store I'm visiting (one pouch for Walgreens, one for Target, one for Walmart, etc.). I always feel like I'm kinda disorganized when I reach the store and am trying to shuffle through my envelopes. Then the coupons fall out... it can be pretty ugly. :P

So, thanks for the great idea - and such a cute notebook, too!

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Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

Very true! What works for you may change with time. I'm glad you've found what works for you now! Thanks for linking up.

Donna said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your nice comments! I like the title to your blog! I am frugal too! Can't wait to check out your posts!

Jamie @ I Am A Money Magnet said...

I love that you have found something that works for you. Very creative!

corrin said...

Great idea! I think all my coupons would have it bursting at the seams!

(And is that a weiner dog in your sidebar? My family has three!)

Alea said...

I like this idea. I don't use a lot of coupons because we have special dietary needs and there aren't a lot of coupons that work for us. I have just been using an envelope, but this is so much more organized. I am going to give it a try.

Christy said...

What a great idea. I am not a huge couponer but need a better plan than stuffed in my purse. thanks for stopping by my blog, it brought me here to yours!