Friday, April 09, 2010

Sew Crafty Friday

Here are some patriotic things I made recently. The "C" thing is a potholder and the others are double-sided napkins. If you scroll down to yesterday's blog entry, you'll see a very simple tutorial for the napkins. I can use them for Memorial Day and Fourth of July!
Shereen doesn't have SCF up on her blog yet. Not only that, but I have her link totally wrong on my sidebar. I'll have the correct link here later on after Shereen does her Sew Crafty Friday thing today.
Meantime, so much for the amazing summer-like weather we've been having. It's pouring rain again. I don't mind. The flowers need it! (My cute little daffodils have pretty much died because of the heat.) However, my bil and others in his area were still pumping out their basements from the last storm, so I hope this won't be another bad one.


Nikki said...

SO cute! I never thought of making my napkins double-sided.

Nikki said...

By the way, I had a couple questions about your freezer breakfasts. You commented on this post of mine from last year that I linked at a recent blog carnival, that you bake your French toast. Can you tell me how long and if you use the "regular ingredients" as you would on the griddle?

Also you mentioned making semi-homemade McBiscuit sandwiches for the freezer. Do you use sliced cheese, slice your own, or just use shredded?

Okay, now I'm totally hungry. I think I'll make a run to the commissary for some Grands biscuits so I can whip some up for breakfast tomorrow!

Thanks! I love your blog by the way.

Nanci said...

These are really cute. Kinda gets me in the mood for summer (not that it would take much).

Like you, we had been having BEAUTIFUL, WARM weather that caused my dwarf daffodils to fade, also. My full-size daffodils still look (dare I say it?) fresh as a daisy.

But today the weather is quite another story -- it has gotten really cold again. We even had a few snow squalls. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!