Thursday, June 21, 2007

I love Free Stuff!

Especially BIG free things. My daughter's boyfriend's parents are the nicest people, but they are also the types that buy something and decide to get a new version of it long before the first one wears out. Case in point: a washer and dryer they only had 2 years and were going to throw out when they found something better! So my maybe-future-son-in-law hauled them over here and we stored them in our garage.
Well, what do you know? Yesterday, my own washing machine died. I could hear the motor running but it wasn't spinning.
No problem! While I was at work, Mike and the kids switched the machines around. I just used the 'new' one and it's great!
I still have the dryer, but mine's working fine. Still, it's nice to know there's a backup waiting out there in the garage. So much more frugal than either paying a repairman or buying a new one! (Or hauling over to the laundrymat!)


The Macaroni Improv said...

That's nice...nothing like having the replacement product just waiting to be used! What a blessing! Love your craft projects...I can't sew very well, never mind read a pattern!

The Macaroni Improv said... main blog is actually Song of the Sagebrush, the one referenced here is just something I'm trying out. Thanks for stopping by my WFMW post.

Heather said...

It doesn't get better than that! How generous of your "maybe son-in-law & family" to give it to you. Some days, I am tempted to go to the laundrymat just to get it all done at once. The pile never seems to end.....enjoy your new washer:)

Susie Q said...

That is so neat! I guess I am of that mindset that you use something till it can not be used anymore but then, what do *I* know! : ) I have 2 TVs that we got the way you got your washer/dryer! My brother *moved* on up to a bigger one and gave us the old...the old was only 2 years old and great! : )

I would love one of those huge capacity washers someday though. Mount Washmore just keeps growing!
Sometimes I want to scream at it!! *laugh*

I am adding your link to my that alright?

have a sweet Friday!

I am Amy Wagner... said...

I too get excited when others are able to expell new things and move on to even newer things and I reap the benefit!!!! I'm with you on loving free things. My washer has been going non stop for 20 I did it! Now it will probably break down! Sigh.
Amy at Abundant Curiosities