Friday, June 08, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday: Blouse

It's time to show off our crafts at "Sew Crafty Friday" again! Here is one of several WIP I have going:

The blouse is meant to be sleeveless or have cap sleeves. But I think the color is more appropriate for fall or winter, so I'm going to borrow long sleeves from another pattern. It is Butterick Pattern 4799. It is princess line with a button front. I'm hoping I have enough fabric to make matching seam binding for around the neckline, but if not, I'll either match whatever buttons I get or pick a color out of the ribbon trim.

The ribbon edges some extra pieces I added to make a sort of yoke. I traced over the shoulders and made two pieces, one a bit longer than the other. They are layered on top of each other and not sewn through the ribbon, so you can put your fingers under each layer. I'm sure there's a name for that technique, but it escapes me!
Please visit the link about to see more of "Sew Crafty Friday"! Oh...and you don't have to sew to join in!


Mona said...

You are certainly a wonderful sewer! I would have a hard time mixing and matching patterns!! I have made minor changes before, but not big ones yet, lol :o)

The color scheme looks just lovely! I *really* look forward to seeing a finished project out of this!!


Lisa said...

I really like the color of the material you chose. Can't wait to see teh final results. Don't forget to show us. :o)

Gypsy Purple said...

Had a nice visit here at your blog!!!