Friday, June 15, 2007

Sew Crafty Friday: CD Bag

Please visit this link for some nice, creative inspiration!

Not feeling particularly creative today, so this is something I just threw together. It was originally supposed to be for pencils, but it isn't wide enough. Then I found out it is exactly right to hold a few CDs in their cases. I had copied all of my pictures off the old computer onto discs. Now I have a nice place to store them!

Basically, it is one long and one short piece of fabric. I folded over the short edges of each and sewed them to the zipper. I didn't have a short enough zipper, so I just cut this one to size. That's easy to do with a nylon zipper...just run a few stitches right over the teeth to make a new 'stop' and then cut away the excess.
The picture on the left is the front. I'll tell you all something silly. I left part of the seam open so I could turn the bag right side out. Dopey me, after I was done I realized I could have turned it through the zipper opening!
The picture on the left is the back. As you can see, I didn't fold it where I attached the two pieces of fabric together, but folded it so the zipper would be a little ways down.
Now that I see how easy it is to make one of these, I really will make something for pencils and pens!


Lisa said...

That is a crafty idea! I like it. The colors are great too. :o)

Sherry said...

You're so creative! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...

Hmm... Have been too scared to actually sew in a zipper... I've been wanting to crochet a little make-up bag and line it and add a zipper on top... Maybe I'll try :) Thanks so much for the warm welcome on my new blog! You're so sweet!

Shereen said...

That's came out really cute. I could see it as a pencil case as well. You made me laugh with not turning it over at the zipper. It sounds like something I would do. lol I think I have that same purple fabric. The pink fabric is cute too. Very well done. Thanks for sharing. It's nice to have you back from your computer problems.

Mama Russell said...

Great idea! Now, can you send me some of your creativity? I have none! lol