Friday, June 08, 2007


I haven't been to the local Salvation Army Thrift store in years. Last time I went, I found it a little scuzzy. Well, I decided to take a chance and have a look yesterday. I was amazed. Instead of disorder, it was clean and well-organized. Furniture was off to one side in a large 'alcove' instead of in the middle of the floor. Clothes were hung on racks not only by type, but also by color! The outer perimeter featured knick knacks and household items, and the like. It was like walking into a HUGE garage sale.
My favorite colors are red and purple, so I went right to those tops. Didn't find anything red, but I did get a nice lavendar t-shirt for 2 bucks. The color is still 'true' so it doesn't look like a throwaway. That's one thing I would refuse to do at any sale, garage or thrift: I wouldn't buy anything faded or worn.
I also found the most adorable bunny candy dish to put away for Easter. It is white, round and has bunnies all around it's outer edge.
With tax, I spent a little over $4--not bad! I'll definitely be going back again.
Speaking of bunnies...last night my husband managed to rescue a baby rabbit before my two cats could eat it. They had the poor thing cornered and Mike heard it crying. I had to hold it for almost an hour before we were able to lure the cats back into the house. Then I let him go and after a few minutes, he hopped away. I hope he found his mama right away! I also wish the mamas would 'get' that my yard has two cats and a dog, and stop bringing their babies here. Melody, the cat in the picture up to the right, got a baby starling the other day. I got it away from her, and it seemed able to fly.
This is nature, every year. I think it's time to keep the cats in after least for a few months!

And here's a question: why do we see little baby bunnies who are just leaving the nest...and big bunnies...but never any medium-sized 'teenager' bunnies?

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LaurieStar said...

Ahhh! A baby bunny! How cute! And I love going to thrift shops when I can find them!