Tuesday, May 13, 2008

J Today

Today's blog is "Joyful Abode.' http://www.joyfulabode.com/blog/

Sewing, recipes, tutorials, organization tips, etc.--what more could you want? (Except maybe for this perfect Spring day to last forever. I hope your day is as lovely!)


Becky said...

I've really been enjoying seeing what you come up with for each letter of the alphabet!

And I was thinking that one pattern more for the long dress than the jumpsuit-- I think a jumpsuit would annoy me for the same reasons as one-piece swimsuits. (Thus the reason I went to tankinis as soon as I could once they were invented!)

MyKidsMom said...

Thanks for the links, I love being referred to interesting sites.

Sounds like you had a nice Mom's day. My hubby loves seafood...the snail would definitely be out though, LOL;)

Gail McCormack said...

Glad you had a nice Mother's Day and I will look into your links very soon!! thanks!

Anonymous said...