Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What didja think "Q" would be for?

Quiet (this house)?

It's for Quilts, of course. OMG, there are sooooo many nice quilting blogs! Here are just a few:

http://catsnqlts2.blogspot.com/ --I love Linda's cat, Skyler! He reminds me of my Nutmeg when she was a younger kitty--they are both tuxedo cats!

http://dquilts.blogspot.com/ --cute stuff and tutorials, too!

http://doxie-land.blogspot.com/ --adorable grandchildren, cute doggies, an amaaazzzzing sewing room (pardon me while I drool).

http://www.quiltersbuzz.com/ --not really a blog, but a great place to read the latest about quilting and sewing and more

And don't forget to check on my favorite quilter of all, Susan at Blackberry Creek--see my sidebar for link!

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