Monday, May 26, 2008

W Blog

Hard to believe I'm almost through the alphabet! I've discovered so many great blogs in my quest. I'll have to come up with another 'theme' just to get to do it again, LOL!

Check out this sweet blog. Momawake has made some lovely things, including some of the cutest doll clothes you've ever seen!


GinnyBerry said...

I've enjoyed your Alphabet blogs.... have you thought about finding a blog from each state?

momawake said...

Thank you for your nice comments about my blog. I'm glad I found the blogging world. It has been so interesting to "get to know" people that way. I've found some great blogs also, but I love your ABC idea and the states idea mentioned in ginnyberry's comment.

Mom2fur said...

I think the states idea is a great one, too! I'll certainly have to consider that.