Monday, May 05, 2008

Sewing Blogs ABCs

Just because I having nothing to do (ha, ha, ha), I decided I'm going to post links to some cool blogs relating to sewing and crafts, in ABC order. The first one is "Artsy Craftsy Babe" which is just chock full of cuteness! Check out her little "Birthday Girl" modeling the sweetest, most cheerful sundress ever.
And there's a tutorial for adorable button flowers!
Go ahead and visit: you'll be glad you did!


Becky said...

Thanks for the link! Went and looked. She uses some great fabric!

Suzy said...

thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment. Oh and cherry pie is my favorite pie!

Have a nice day! Suzy

Joy said...

What a brilliant idea to do sewing blogs ABC's! I am really enjoying them! Thanks so much for sharing :)



Anonymous said...

Very cool - I will visit often! We are a Cathikic Sewing-Catholic Talk-Homeschool Blog, that believe faith, fashion and learning need be tied together. God Bless! - Adrienne