Monday, June 16, 2008

California (and beyond) we come!

I think it's high time we got this show on the road, don't you? So let's hop in our private jet and fly over to California, where we'll find the musings of a wonderful dog named Spencer! Spencer is a golden retriever. Right now he is fostering two sweet little golden puppies that someone left at a shelter. Let's root for these little guys, as they have had health problems. And let's tell Spencer what a 'good boy' he is! Such a handsome doggie!

Beautiful dog...cute puppies...


Well, after the puppies wear themselves out playing, we'll say goodbye to Spencer, Ben and Jerry and head north in our virtual bus to Oregon. Amanda makes such cute things, some of which she plans to sell in her newly acquired booth at Blue Moon Market Place! Let's wish her the best of luck on her business venture. Read all about it at I loved those turquoise shelves, don't you? (And if you are lucky enough to live in the real Oregon, why not pay her shop a visit?)

Back to the bus again...isn't it cool how this amazing bus with all its amenities just happens to show up where we go? Isn't the imagination wonderful?

Next stop, Washington! Tara Larsen Chang is off to take a master class in illustration, but I'm sure she won't mind us looking around her blog a bit! The photographs of flowers are amazing, but check out her books on Amazon and her work under the link 'children's illustrators.' Tara's illustrations aren't just pictures...they are personalities! Looking at them, I honestly feel they'll start talking...even the chipmunk, if he hasn't stuffed his cheeks too full.

I'm tired...and in the real world I have a ton of housework to do. See ya next time!


ponyknit said...

Sounds like your having a great trip! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Spencer said...

What a cool idea...a virtual blog trip! Thanks for picking me as the Cali stop...I'm honored! Give Shadow a hug from me and the pups!


MouseChirpy said...

I really enjoyed the tour! Glad to see that the pups are doing better.

Marion said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I will be back to yours!
Take care

tlc illustration said...

Thanks for stopping by (and your very kind words). What a fun idea for virtual traveling.