Sunday, June 01, 2008

Off to Connecticut (virtually)

Welcome back! Wow, did anyone ever tell you how punctual you are? You're just in time for that ferry ride across the Long Island Sound. Our first stop is Connecticut--or, rather, a lovely blog of flower photos! Rhododendrons and irises are in bloom everywhere--the rich purple of the iris on today's entry will take your breath away!

Pick a bouquet to take with you as a souvenir, 'cause we're heading to Rhode Island next. Look at the cute stuffies over at!! Isn't that broccolli a crack-up? And poor little's not his fault he makes people cry! The awwww-dorable factor is very high here! But eventually, you'll have to pull yourself away, 'cause we have one more stop today!

And that's Massachusetts! If you love vintage, if you love cottage-y things, if you just love loveliness, you will really enjoy our trip to "Beachy's Cape Cod Cupboard." So many awesome things here, it's like walking through an antiques/thrift shop!

Let's take a rest on the beautiful Cape Cod beach, and maybe have a picnic. We need to refuel for the next round of this trip. I'm not sure where we'll be going--driving up further into New England, or hopping a plane? I may just return to Long Island and 'hang out' for my next post. Meantime, I sure hope you'll enjoy our little trips!


Becky said...

Ooh, this looks like it'll be a fun rundown. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for my state! (And those plushies are too cute.)

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Wow thanks for the review and link. I will be watching your trip with interest.