Thursday, June 05, 2008

Creativity in the Midwest

It's quite a bit cooler up here, compared to the South! I couldn't imagine doing crochet in Georgia these days, but I could do it in Ohio! There really hasn't been much activity at but the little crochet projects are just the cutest and worth a look! (I love quick projects!)
Now let's take a look at the wonderful artwork at Sue paints some amazing pictures of rural life. The portrait of Zeus the dog reminds me of Shadow a little bit!
I love Ohio, mostly 'cause my mom lives there. It really is a beautiful state--okay, all states are beautiful, but I'm partial to ones where I have family. Still, it's time to go. This time, we have a stretch limo to get us to Pennsylvania. Don't worry, this is a virtual trip--gas costs exactly zero. I'd rather spend money on cool vintage and thrifty stuff, anyway. Let's take a stop at and admire those gorgeous roses! Then we'll link over to her "Squidoo" page, for some great thrifting advice!
Here's another Pennsylvanian blog I like: Check out the cute primitives! Denise, aka NeeNee, will show us how to do some crafts and introduce us to other crafters! (BTW, I have to laugh about her nickname--that is what I called my son Nicky when he was a baby!)
Well, I think 2 states and four blogs is enough for one day, don't you? We'll spend the night at a nice Amish bed and breakfast, then head out early in the morning!


Miranda said...

Your link to Ohio Crochet has a comma at the end of it and it doesn't allow blogger to find the site. Just thought I would let you know! Great job BTW!


Neenee said...

Hi Mom2Fur

Thank you so much for including my blog in your Virtual tour across the USA! I see you are in Johnstown - I'm in Pittsburgh.

Love your virtual blog tour - great idea!!

Too cute that you called your grandson Neenee too ;)


Tere Sanders said...

Your blog is awesome. Thanks for the links!

Susie Q said...

Yeah for the crafty midwesterners!!

Not that I am as crafty but I AM a proud midwesterner!!

I will have to jump in and take the tour!!


Mom2fur said...

Thanks, Miranda--I fixed the link!